Manage business processes without development

  • Personnel processes
  • Customer relations
  • Project management
  • Workflows across companies

  • Reports about all indicators of your interest

Work-Book is a cloud solution,

  • that mirrors your business processes suited to your needs,
  • that reflects your organizational structure exactly,
  • that gives everybody exactly those authorizations that they require,
  • that works also with mobile devices,
  • that complements your existing platform (e.g. SAP ) and synchronizes with it,
  • that scales according to your requirements,
  • the appearance of which may be matched to your corporate identity,
  • which is highly available
The Implementation of your requirements happens -- for reasonably complex processes -- within a month without the otherwise necessary development effort.


Work-Book is a safe, protected application, where each user has his own specific roles and authorizations.
Therefore its use requires a uniquely identifiable registration.
This happens with your email address. When you have a Google, Facebook, or Microsoft Hotmail account, you use the federated login from these providers, für business projects there is an option of using MS Azure/Active-Directory authentication.
If you are interested in a test account for Work-Book , please send an email to:

We will then activate your email address, your email address will then become your user name.

Business model

  • You as our customer only pay for the actual usage. 

  • The development of new processes is in general* free of charge for you as a customer.
The license depends on the complexity of the processes and on the frequency of use.

* For special, very complex customer processes there will be an agreement about a minimum quantity of usage, or a separate adaption/development charge.


Work-Book is product of the registered* company

Cortima GmbH
CEO Dr. Joachim Dengler
Reichensteinstr. 54
D-69151 Neckargemünd

* HRB 336784, VAT-ID DE813104753


If you are interested in our innovativ solution Work-Book , please get in touch with us:
Phone +49 151 59264590